MONDO was born in BKLYN, NY and at a young age took an interest in dance music. He found himself enamored by the NYC music scene, which at the time, was the most elite school for culture and cutting-edge musical wisdom. As luck would have it, a neighborhood friend, Francis Grasso “The Father of Modern Dj’ing” took a then young MONDO under his wing and taught him beat mixing and song programming.

MONDO’s love for the exciting Dance Music lifestyle and art of DJ’ing inspired him to continually hone his skills at various clubs and private celebrity parties throughout NYC and overseas in Italy. He soon became sought after because of his knack for mixing various dance music genres and keeping crowds moving on the dance floor. As much as MONDO didn’t want to slow down, he took time to successfully pursue a Law degree. It wasn’t too long thereafter that the itch to spin Electronic Music bit him yet again. This led to weekly residencies at some then well known NYC Alphabet City Venues...“Alphabet City was the perfect place to get my groove back.”

Fast forward to 2018 and MONDO releases his 1st Single 'GIVE ME YOUR LOVE' WHICH JUMPS TO #1 on the ZipDJ Charts, followed by "PRAY" then "DANCER" in 2019. He also begins hosting his Techno Mix Show "GRAVITY RADIO" which immediately gets syndicated internationally on over 30 radio stations on a weekly rotation. “This is just the beginning!”...“It’s all about the music; making great tracks and  programming energetic flawless sets to keep the crowds dancing... just like I did in the beginning!”